David Foster

I am Dr. David Foster, a professional on an unyielding quest to shed light on the enigmas of reptile feeding and enable those who treat them with care or hold them captive to provide only top-quality treatment for their little friends as scaly ones. In my role as a Ph.D. in Animal Nutrition at North Carolina State University, I have wholeheartedly spent my life researching the need for reptiles’ diets and continue to do so passionately.

Nutritionist with a focus on Reptiles

Who Am I?

I’m a reptile nut from head to toe, and you won’t find me your usual nutritionist. The first time I saw these interesting creatures, my interest peaked. The peculiar biology and requisites of their diet fascinated in me, and I have nursed a love for humans even from childhood.

Why Reptiles?

For me, it’s simple: They are endlessly captivating. Through the immense delicacy of a python and the vibrant colors of a chameleon, all these species have their own individual charm. However, apart from their attractive appearance, reptiles have a peculiarity for feeding that is namely, they require a special way of nutrition. Different dietary requirements and preferences call for special attention to detail, an expertise that I proudly claim as one of mine.

My Passion

It’s the ability to change the lives of reptile owners and their animals. Through formulating studies, presenting my results at conferences, or publishing articles and publications, I am motivated to enhance the health of these incredible animals. Nothing is as gratifying for me as to see a reptile perform remarkably under my care, and it keeps me moving on.

Join Me

So come on in, let’s dive into the interesting world of reptile feeding. If you have a thousand years of reptiles, or just window shopping for the first time in your life, there is always something new to find. We will crack the code of reptile feeding; one meal at a time. Let me welcome you to my world, our time for change is here. join hands with nature and together we can give the reptiles a satisfactory stay on earth as they struggle grow coexist just like everyone else does worlds streets sidewalk alleys loud cicadas hot temper extending long necks!